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Large cockroaches in the apartment

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Finding cockroaches in an apartment always causes discomfort. Not only does this make you feel disgusted, but it can also seriously complicate your life. Most often, cockroaches appear in poorly maintained houses where hygiene rules are not followed. However, sometimes they can invade apartments even with regular cleaning.

In this article, we will tell you in detail how to recognize these pests, how to prevent them from appearing in your apartment, and how to effectively get rid of them.

Black cockroach and red cockroach: what is the difference?

In residential areas you can usually find two types of cockroaches: red and black. Black cockroaches are significantly larger in size compared to their red counterparts; their length can reach 4 centimeters. These impressive sizes terrify apartment owners.

It is important to note that black and red cockroaches do not coexist in the same territory. If your home is already inhabited by red cockroaches, you will not encounter black ones, and vice versa. Regardless of the type of cockroaches, it is important to prevent the spread of these insects in your home.

Where does a black cockroach come from in the house?

Black cockroaches usually live in garbage disposals, basements and sewer pipes. They can also be found in abandoned buildings. The main condition for these insects to live indoors is violation of sanitary standards. However, even in clean and well-kept homes you can encounter these pests, for different reasons.

Cockroaches can get into your home through a grocery bag or be picked up somewhere in public places. They can also hide in packages. Therefore, it is important to carefully check items (especially used ones) after receiving them.

Black cockroaches can enter your home from the basement or through ventilation from neighbors, as well as through small cracks. Regardless of how these pests got into your home, it is important to begin controlling them immediately.

Stages of development of a black cockroach

The black cockroach goes through a life cycle similar to the red cockroach, having several stages of development:

  1. Egg: Immediately after mating, the female cockroach lays eggs in a special capsule called an ooteca. The female carries the ootheca on her abdomen for the first few weeks, and then hides it in a secluded place for a month or a month and a half.
  2. Nymph: From the eggs in the ooteca, small, translucent larvae called nymphs emerge. During this stage, the cockroach goes through 6 molts. The color of the shell becomes darker with each molt. Over the course of 7-12 months, the nymph turns into an adult.
  3. Imago, or adult individual: At this stage, the cockroach reaches full maturity. Under favorable indoor conditions, an adult can live up to 2 years and lay up to 12 oothecae. Research shows that each successive generation of cockroaches can live a little longer than the previous one.

Cockroaches reproduce very quickly. If you notice even one adult or nymph in your home, take immediate action to eliminate the insects. The sooner you start fighting, the easier it will be to get rid of pests.

Lifestyle of black cockroaches

Black cockroaches are nocturnal, hiding in secluded places during the day and only coming out at night to look for food.

They can eat:

  • Food forgotten on the table;
  • Foliage of indoor plants;
  • Things made of leather;
  • Soap;
  • Paper.

Cockroaches are omnivores, but they are especially attracted to fatty or carbohydrate foods, as well as foods with the rich smell and taste of beer. Knowing their preferences, you can create baited traps to successfully control these pests.

Vitality of black cockroaches

Black cockroaches demonstrate amazing vitality. These insects can live as long as 80 days without food and can withstand a week without water, as well as up to 40 minutes without access to oxygen.

An interesting fact is that even after decapitating a cockroach, its headless body can continue to live for up to 8 days. This is possible due to the peculiarities of the structure and functioning of the insect body. By breathing through special openings under the body segments, the cockroach maintains vital functions. Since the insect's circulatory system is not closed, separation of the head from the body does not cause bleeding. The main organs located in the head are the mouthparts, through which the insect receives food and water. Thanks to this, even without food, a cockroach can survive for a long time.

These pests also easily adapt to adverse conditions and chemicals. Their resistance to various means is the main problem in eradication attempts. The exception is low temperatures: when the temperature drops below zero, cockroaches can survive no more than 6 hours.

Why are black cockroaches dangerous in the house?

Cockroaches are generally believed to not bite. However, this statement is not true. Most often, cockroaches attack at night. Their bites can become infected, heal slowly and can cause serious allergic reactions.

As already mentioned, cockroaches enter the home from unsanitary conditions such as basements and garbage dumps. Many of them carry various dangerous infections and can infect you or your loved ones with polio, tetanus, dysentery and other serious diseases. In addition, the chitinous shells of cockroaches left behind after molting can cause allergic reactions.

If the pest does not find food in a clean apartment, it begins to chew and damage wallpaper, books, furniture, clothes, shoes and other items. By hiding inside household appliances, cockroaches can also cause damage to them.

As you can see, black cockroaches in the home can cause many problems. Therefore, it is important to follow the rules of prevention and immediately deal with insects as soon as you notice them in your home.

Preventive measures against cockroaches

To prevent the appearance of cockroaches in an apartment, certain rules should be followed:

  • Remove food items at night and do not leave dirty dishes and crumbs on the table;
  • Remove trash from home on time;
  • Fix water leaks in a timely manner;
  • Seal gaps and cracks in the walls through which cockroaches can enter;
  • Regularly carry out wet cleaning, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

Following these preventive measures will help prevent cockroaches from entering your home. If an invasion of these uninvited guests has already occurred, additional treatment of the apartment will be required.

Methods for controlling cockroaches

There are many ways to control cockroaches at home, and some of them can be easily done on your own. One of the most effective and affordable methods is household insecticides, which can be purchased at your nearest store.

These drugs are available in several forms:

  1. Gels: This is the preferred and effective form. Gels are sold in syringes or tubes, which simplifies dosage calculations. The use of the gel does not leave stains on the surface, and its residues are easily removed during cleaning. The gel should be applied to areas where cockroaches are likely to live, and it will remain active for several months. Gels are considered safe for humans and pets.
  2. Powders: This is a more traditional and cheaper option. Powder preparations are easy to use and usually quite effective, but they are highly toxic.
  3. Sprays: These are popular and inexpensive means. Sprays are fast-acting and can get into corners where powders and gels cannot reach. Sprays destroy adult cockroaches, larvae and eggs. However, their effect is short-lived, and the treatment will have to be repeated several times.
  4. Crayons: This is a simple and inexpensive way. Preparations in the form of small granules are easily applied to any surface. However, they are ineffective against large populations of cockroaches and are better for prevention.
  5. Pitfalls: There are several types of traps, including insecticidal (with poison in the bait), glue, ultrasonic and electric. Each type is designed for different principles of action and is effective under certain conditions.
  6. Ultrasonic repellers: These devices use waves that irritate the cockroaches' nervous system. Cockroaches cannot tolerate high-frequency sounds and try to leave the room.

All these methods are safe for humans and pets. However, before using any insecticide, it is important to carefully study the instructions and follow all safety rules when treating premises.

The use of folk remedies

Black cockroaches, like many other insects, do not tolerate strong odors. Aromatic herbs such as lavender, wormwood, lemon balm and mint are used to repel cockroaches. The effect can be achieved using their extracts, essential oils, as well as by placing fresh or dried plants around the apartment. However, it should be remembered that the aroma of herbs quickly disappears, so bouquets should be changed regularly.

You can also repel cockroaches by treating your apartment with strong-smelling chemicals, such as a solution of vinegar, kerosene and other products.

It is important to note that the listed methods of folk remedies only repel cockroaches, but do not destroy them. These methods can be useful for preventive purposes or when jointly treating an apartment with neighbors.

If you want to kill cockroaches using folk remedies, you can use boric acid. To do this, mix boiled egg yolks with boric acid powder, creating balls, and spread them around the apartment. Boric acid affects the nervous system of insects, causing paralysis and ultimately killing them.

When self-control measures against insects do not help

You've taken every possible precaution: using insecticides, keeping it clean, arranging plants with scent. However, the black cockroaches still haven't disappeared. Why did it happen?

You may not have treated all the corners where cockroaches could live. By leaving some adults behind or not noticing the eggs in the ooteca, you risk encountering a new wave of insects. It is also possible that you accidentally violated the instructions or used outdated or ineffective medications. If you start treating your apartment too late, the effect of household insecticides may not be sufficient.

What to do in this case? If you can’t cope on your own, it’s time to seek help from professionals in the field of disinfection. Experts from the Marafet company leave at any time convenient for you. They will determine the type and number of insects in your apartment, identify all their habitats and select appropriate methods, preparations and dosage.

Professionals will quickly and effectively treat your apartment, and also provide you with advice to prevent the recurrence of cockroaches. The professional preparations used are safe for people and pets, but it is better to remove pets from the premises during treatment.

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Where do large black cockroaches come from in an apartment?

The appearance of black cockroaches in an apartment can come as a complete surprise to people. They can appear due to dirty dishes in the sink or forgotten food scraps on the counter. Cockroaches can also come from the basement or come from neighbors. Sometimes you can accidentally bring them with you after visiting public places.

What threats do large black cockroaches pose?

The presence of black cockroaches in the house brings many problems. Contrary to popular belief, these insects are capable of biting humans. Cockroaches can spread dangerous diseases such as dysentery and typhoid fever as they live in unhygienic places. In addition, a large number of black cockroaches can damage your belongings and furniture, damage electrical wiring and cause short circuits.

The presence of black cockroaches in the home is a serious problem. As soon as you notice these insects in your home, immediately begin treating the area. Choose the method that best suits your situation.

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