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Professional methods of exterminating mice and rats

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The appearance of rats and mice on your property is a serious problem that requires immediate attention. Rodents can cause a number of negative consequences, including property damage and possible nervous system damage in humans. When we discover the presence of mice in the house or other premises, many of us tend to resort to using poisons available in the nearest store. However, in some cases it turns out that the drugs used only temporarily help or do not have the necessary effect at all.

What places are there a high probability of rodents appearing?

Rats and mice are some of the most annoying pests that can enter a home. This presence is unacceptable in public places, so keeping clean and taking preventive measures is important.

Rodents can appear in various places:

  1. In residential buildings: Regardless of whether it is a private home or an apartment building, irregular garbage disposal, the presence of crumbs on the floor and tables create conditions for rodent invasion from the basement or ventilation system.
  2. In catering establishments: From small cafes to large restaurants, regular preventative treatment and timely waste disposal will help prevent rodent infestations.
  3. In food warehouses: Rats and mice easily chew through packaging, which can lead to food spoilage.
  4. In child care institutions: Schools and kindergartens with their canteens pose an increased risk of pests.
  5. In grocery stores: Regardless of size, stores are at risk of rodent infestation.

The appearance of rodents causes negative emotions and causes material losses. Preventative cleaning and regular deratization under the guidance of specialists will help avoid such problems and provide guaranteed results.

What harm can rodents cause to people?

Rodents, like pets, can bring emotional satisfaction to humans. However, significant differences between pets and outdoor rodents make the latter a source of serious problems.

The harm from street rats and mice can be enormous:

  1. Damage to furniture.
  2. Eating wires of household appliances, which can cause a short circuit and fire.
  3. Punching holes in the walls of private houses.
  4. Spoilage of food, even when carefully packaged.
  5. Transmission of various infections.
  6. Destruction of shoes and clothing.
  7. Introducing an unpleasant odor into the room.

The presence of any pests, especially rodents, can seriously impact your quality of life. Useless attempts at self-destruction using poisons can lead to disappointment and nervous breakdowns.

If this is your first time encountering an insect problem, it is highly recommended that you seek professional help. This will not only preserve your emotional well-being, but also prevent unnecessary financial costs.

For what reasons do rodents appear in houses?

Rats and mice do not take up residence in areas where cleanliness is maintained daily and no trash or food is left on the table. However, there are factors that do not depend on the direct actions of residents.

Here are some of the reasons why rodents appear:

  1. There is a trash bin or large landfill near your home; even with regular garbage collection, there is a risk of attracting rodents to your home.
  2. There is a basement in your house where old things are stored for a long time.
  3. There is a grocery store on the ground floor of your multi-story building.
  4. Your neighbors lead an unhealthy lifestyle, and rats have become frequent guests.
  5. When moving from a house where there were mice and rats, rodents could theoretically get into boxes with clothes or food.
  6. Near your house there is a barn with domestic animals such as pigs or goats.

Finding out that you have rats may not be so easy, as they tend to avoid contact with people. We will tell you how to identify this problem below.

How to Know About a Rodent Infestation Before You See It

Detecting the presence of mice on your property is not as difficult as it may seem.

There are several signs by which you can guess that rodents have entered your territory:

  1. Mouse droppings: If you notice mouse droppings around grocery boxes, behind the refrigerator, and in other places, this may indicate the presence of mice. The more droppings there are in a particular location, the more likely they are to choose that location for refuge.
  2. Damage to property: Damage to wires, furniture, and other property may indicate the presence of rodents. Small tracks indicate mice, larger ones indicate rats.
  3. Unusual smell: A strange smell indoors that bothers your pets may also indicate the presence of rodents.
  4. Damaged products: If chewed boxes of cereal are found in the pantry, this may be another sign of the presence of rodents.
  5. Noises at night: Hearing scratching noises, especially at night, may indicate rodent activity.

Rats and mice are most active at night and can usually be found during this period. During the day they are more careful. If you notice rodents during the day, this may indicate that their numbers have become so large that they do not have enough food and they become less vigilant. Getting rid of so many pests can be a challenging task.

How can you get rid of rodents?

If your home is faced with a rodent infestation, you can use traditional methods or purchase medications at the nearest supermarket. However, no one guarantees that these methods will completely destroy rodents.

The Marafet company uses professional pest control methods:

  1. Cold fog: This is treatment with a special preparation using a sprayer. Spraying cold mist can quickly get rid of rats and mice. However, in cases of severe infestation, a more powerful method may be required.
  2. Hot fog: The principle of operation is similar to cold fog, but the drug is heated to a certain temperature and sprayed hot. This method is considered the most powerful. After treatment with hot fog, there is practically no chance of survival for either adult rodents or their offspring. The effectiveness of this method lasts for a long time, making it the best choice against any pests.
  3. Using baited traps: This method is also used to catch rodents.

Before deratization begins, specialists conduct diagnostics to identify the source of infection and estimate the number of pests. Only after receiving this data can you select the appropriate drug and choose the most effective processing method.

Do I need to prepare for deratization?

If you have already invited specialists from the sanitary service to carry out deratization, it is important to first prepare your premises for this procedure.

Here are a few steps to take:

  1. Remove food from the table and other open surfaces.
  2. Remove all utensils from the contaminated area, so that the drug used during processing does not settle on its surface.
  3. Move your pets out of the premises for the duration of treatment.
  4. Send children to relatives or friends.
  5. Close all windows and doors tightly.
  6. Cover the aquarium. It is also important to turn off the air intake during treatment so that the vapors of the drug do not reach the fish.
  7. Cover large and small household appliances with a waterproof cloth.
  8. Put personal belongings in the closet, which should also be covered with film or a special cover.
  9. Indoor plants should be covered or temporarily taken to neighbors.
  10. Ideally, leave the room layout to specialists, to accurately determine the location of communications and ventilation systems.

When carrying out deratization, moving furniture is usually not required, since modern preparations used by the sanitary service can penetrate into any cracks.

How to get rid of rats and mice- rodent control like the professionals

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