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How long does a mosquito live?

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Mosquitoes, a group of insects known for their ability to feed on blood, inhabit various regions of the planet. They can cause discomfort and are carriers of various diseases. Mosquito bites can cause itching, redness and swelling, but their harm goes beyond these symptoms as they can carry dangerous diseases such as encephalitis, malaria and fever.

Lifespan of a mosquito

Factors affecting mosquito lifespan include:

- Gender of the individual;
- Air temperature;
— Humidity level;
— Availability of food.

The average lifespan of males is about 3 weeks, while for females it is approximately 2 months. At an optimal temperature of about +10...+15°C, females can live up to 119 days, but when the temperature rises to +20°C, this period is reduced to 57 days, and at +25°C – to 43 days.

In addition, mosquitoes fall into torpor at temperatures below +10°C and can remain in this state until spring, extending their lifespan.

In addition, the lifespan of mosquitoes depends on their sex and environmental conditions, including nutrition and temperature. Males, for example, usually live half as long as females and feed exclusively on nectars.

Life cycle of a mosquito

The life cycle of a mosquito consists of four stages:

1. Egg. The female lays eggs in ponds or damp soil, after which she flies away. Each clutch can contain from 30 to 280 eggs.
2. Larva. After 2-8 days, the eggs hatch into larvae that filter the water for nutrition. They convert about 1 liter of liquid per day.
3. Doll. After about 20 days, the larvae pupate.
4. Adult. An adult mosquito appears 5 days after pupation and begins to reproduce within a week.

Adult mosquitoes feed on carbohydrates such as flower nectar or plant sap. However, only females feed on blood, using it to produce eggs. In males, food is limited to flower nectar and plant juices. Mosquito activity depends on the time of year, weather conditions and the life cycle of a particular species. In temperate climates they are most active during the months of May to October.

How long can a mosquito live without bleeding?

Mosquitoes can survive several weeks without bleeding. Their survival depends on environmental conditions, food availability, humidity and temperature. However, the exact amount of time a mosquito can survive without bleeding can vary depending on various factors, such as the mosquito species and specific habitat conditions.

How many days does a mosquito live after being bitten?

Typically, a mosquito's life cycle is not affected by its bite, as the bites provide them with a source of nutrition but do not directly affect their lifespan. On average, the life cycle of an adult mosquito is several weeks.

How Long do Mosquitoes Live | Life Cycle of Mosquitoes

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