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Red cockroaches at home

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Even in modern, well-kept apartments, we may encounter the appearance of cockroaches. The presence of these insects is detrimental to hygiene and can cause unpleasant problems. In this article we will tell you about red cockroaches, explain how they differ from other species and how you can fight them.

Red cockroaches: what kind of pests are they?

The presence of red cockroaches in people's homes has become commonplace. These insects are most often found in homes in the northern hemisphere, especially in Europe and Russia. At these latitudes, in addition to red ones, you can also find black cockroaches, which are noticeably larger.

Red cockroaches are numerous in number and have successfully adapted to their proximity to humans. Most of them are highly resistant to insecticides, making their control difficult. Exterminators have to constantly develop new methods and means to cope with these unpleasant insects.

It should be noted that both black and red cockroaches usually do not coexist in the same room. However, regardless of which of the varieties appears in your home, it is recommended to immediately take measures to eliminate them.

Red cockroaches have a body structure typical of all cockroaches, but their size is much smaller. Their bodies may be covered with longitudinal stripes. Otherwise, red cockroaches are not much different from their counterparts. Like other types of cockroaches, they are nocturnal and feel comfortable in unsanitary conditions.

Where did the red cockroaches come from in our latitudes?

In the wild, the red cockroach is not able to survive. For its normal development and reproduction it is necessary to be close to people.

It is assumed that red cockroaches originally appeared in Central Asia. From there they traveled along numerous trade routes and came to our latitudes.

How red cockroaches appear in an apartment

We mentioned earlier that cockroaches cannot survive without humans. Outdoors, they are exposed to many enemies such as animals, birds and other insects. In addition, cockroaches cannot tolerate cold.

Cockroaches can get into your home from neighboring apartments, dysfunctional hotels or public places. It is also possible that they could enter your home accidentally after a trip or even while going to the store.

Regardless of how the red pests got into your apartment, now you have to get rid of them. This is a task that can be quite challenging.

Reasons for the appearance of red cockroaches in an apartment

The spread of cockroaches in residential premises is in most cases associated with poor sanitary conditions. Even if these insects accidentally entered your home from the outside, they will not stay if you maintain cleanliness and create living conditions unsuitable for them.

Thus, the likelihood of cockroaches remaining in your home depends on how well you take care of hygiene in your home.

Where cockroaches hide in apartments

Cockroaches require certain conditions for a comfortable life, including suitable temperature and high humidity. They require a constant source of food and hiding places, which usually leads them to inhabit bathrooms and kitchens. During daylight hours, cockroaches hide behind furniture, pipes, trash cans, stoves, baseboards and wallpaper. However, at night, hungry insects come out in search of food.

Cockroaches are omnivores and can feed on almost any organic material. Therefore, it is important not to leave food or dirty dishes out at night so as not to attract their attention.

It is also recommended to fix leaks immediately, as high humidity around pipes can attract cockroaches.

Knowing the potential hiding places in your apartment where cockroaches may be hiding will help you quickly detect their presence and effectively combat these insects.

Life cycle of red cockroaches

The breeding cycle of red cockroaches is different from other insects. They reproduce more slowly than, for example, bedbugs, but this does not prevent them from eventually taking over your entire apartment.

Feeding of the red cockroach

Red cockroaches are practically omnivorous creatures. They can feed on almost any organic matter, with a particular preference for baked goods, fatty foods, and foods with intense odors such as beer.

In the absence of human food, cockroaches may find other food sources. They often feed on the remains of peeled skin from human feet, mold, excrement of other insects and even cardboard and paper!

If there is not enough food for cockroaches in the apartment, they can move into neighboring living spaces. Therefore, it is very important to regularly clean up dirty dishes and eliminate food residues to prevent attracting these pests.

Unusually large red cockroaches

While still quite rare in Europe and Russia, these cockroaches belong to the species periplaneta americana. They have a red color, but their size is sometimes frighteningly large.

It is believed that this type of cockroach was brought to us from America. The population of these large red cockroaches is still smaller in number than ordinary cockroaches, but they are actively exploring new territories, mainly on the streets near shops or garbage cans. Such large red cockroaches are not yet so common in apartments.

Why are red cockroaches dangerous?

Red cockroaches, unlike their black counterparts, do not bite, but they can cause many problems.

The shed chitinous shells of cockroach larvae often cause allergic reactions, especially in children. The more of these covers there are in the apartment, the stronger the symptoms appear, ranging from an incomprehensible runny nose to severe asthma.

Cockroaches often traverse garbage dumps and garbage disposals before entering living spaces, which means they can introduce dirt and dangerous infections into your home.

Neighborhood with cockroaches does not bode well for humans. The premises should be freed from pests as soon as possible, and various effective control methods will help with this.

Methods of dealing with red cockroaches

People use various methods to control cockroaches in their premises. Some try to create unbearable temperature conditions for them or dry out the air.

Here are some ways to deal with cockroaches:

  1. Traditional methods: Many people use plants with strong scents such as lavender, lemon balm and mint to repel cockroaches. They can be fresh or dried, but the flavor needs to be refreshed often as it fades quickly. Some also use essential oils, vinegar or kerosene to treat areas, especially paying attention to furniture where cockroaches might run on. However, such methods are effective only in combination with other methods or for preventive purposes, since they only repel cockroaches without killing them.
  2. Pitfalls: Many people set traps with food and poison or purchase ready-made devices such as glue traps. Cockroaches, trying to reach the bait, become glued to the trap and cannot move. These traps are installed in areas where cockroaches congregate.
  3. Household insecticides: For DIY indoor treatment, various household insecticidal preparations are available, such as gels, powders, sprays or crayons. However, each of them has its own degree of effectiveness and duration of validity. For example, sprays are easy to use, but one application may not be enough.
  4. Contact the specialists: If independent methods do not bring results, it is recommended to contact professionals from the disinfection service

Preventing the appearance of cockroaches in apartments

Avoid problems by preventing them from occurring. This rule also applies to cockroaches. Remember that Prussians cannot survive in conditions of absolute cleanliness.

Here are some rules of prevention:

  1. Remove products: Do not leave food on the table; store it in cabinets or the refrigerator.
  2. Remove crumbs: Carefully remove crumbs from the floor and table after eating.
  3. Wash the dishes: Immediately wash the dishes and put them back in their place.
  4. Keep your kitchen clean: Rinse the stove whenever it becomes dirty, as even drops of oil after cooking can attract cockroaches.
  5. Repair leaks: Check and repair leaks regularly to avoid creating humid conditions for pests.
  6. Wet cleaning: Wet clean regularly to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt, which can attract cockroaches.
  7. Seal the cracks: Seal cracks in walls where insects can enter.

By creating conditions unsuitable for cockroaches to thrive, you can prevent them from staying in your home.

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Where do red cockroaches come from in an apartment?

Many people are surprised by the appearance of pests in their home; they can be brought along with food or items from the store, as well as with new furniture purchased from a warehouse. In addition, cockroaches can enter from the basement or from neighboring apartments.

How to get rid of red cockroaches?

There are many folk methods. One of them is the use of boric acid. Boric acid powder, a little water and boiled egg yolks can be formed into balls and distributed in areas where you notice pests. You can also treat surfaces and floors with a solution of vinegar and water. These methods are effective at the initial stage of infection.

Household insecticides, which can be purchased in stores, will be more effective. The active substances in them paralyze the body of cockroaches and lead to their death. If even store-bought remedies do not help, you should seek help from specialists.

How long do cockroaches live in an apartment?

If you take into account all stages of the parasite's development, including eggs and nymphs, cockroaches can live in your home for about a year. During this time, hundreds of new individuals can hatch from one pest. The sooner you start fighting the Prussians in your home, the easier it will be to defeat them.

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