Why are cockroaches active at night?

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If cockroaches appear in the house, the likelihood of encountering them at night is much higher. Their lifestyle suggests that in the morning they become noticeable only if the population has become oversaturated and there is fierce competition between individuals for food and water.
Walking into the kitchen at night and turning on the light, you are unlikely to be happy to meet these pests. Despite the fact that they will probably run away, the unpleasant impressions of such a meeting will stay with you for a long time.

Many people are interested in the question: “Why don’t cockroaches sleep at night?” Analysis of the behavior of these insects allows us to determine why they are active in the dark.

Hostile attitude

Synanthropic cockroaches and black sewer cockroaches, which most often live in residential premises, prefer to live near humans.

This is due to several factors:

  1. Temperature conditions in the home that are acceptable for most people are also ideal for cockroaches.
  2. Sometimes people exterminate animals that are natural enemies of synanthropes, which helps the pests avoid danger.
  3. The main reason is that it makes it much easier for cockroaches to find food. The places we live always provide enough resources to meet their needs for food and water.

Thus, there is mutual benefit, and biologists view cockroaches as symbionts that can provide some benefit to us.

Why are cockroaches useful for humans?

From a biological point of view, these insects living in an apartment not only cause harm, but also:

  1. They carry out “natural” cleaning, clearing the room of food debris and other things.
  2. They destroy other parasites by consuming eggs and larvae of competitors. Red locusts are known to eventually replace black sewer cockroaches. However, their beneficial functions are not convincing enough to justify expanding populations. Residents of the home always have to live in fear of the possibility of contracting infectious diseases. Despite the fact that cockroaches are not carriers of diseases, their legs contain a significant amount of harmful bacteria and parasitic larvae that pose a certain threat.

Night activity: what do cockroaches do?

When a person sees a cockroach, there is a natural desire to quickly get rid of it, and in response to this, pests take measures to remain invisible. When the light suddenly turns on, they scatter, trying to find shelter.

In addition, cockroaches feel more secure at night, as nocturnal predators such as spiders become less of a threat to them. In the dark, these arthropods lose their grip, which increases the cockroaches' chances of survival.

Obviously, cockroaches go out in search of water and food at night, but in the morning they also have enough worries: active reproduction and ootheca, arranging nests. The fight against cockroaches is difficult due to their omnivorous nature - in conditions of shortage, they are ready to consume almost anything, including non-transferable materials. Their gnawing mouthparts allow them to feed even on solid food debris.

What else are cockroaches afraid of, besides humans?

In addition to people, cockroaches are also frightened by signs that indicate their presence, such as light. Their periods of activity occur at night, and they quickly respond to floor vibrations caused by human footsteps.

When cockroaches sense a person approaching, they quickly run away. However, the light only scares them when the kitchen is usually dark at night. If the light is left on regularly, cockroaches quickly get used to it and continue their search for food and water.

Cockroaches are also afraid of:

  1. Cold. They are cold-blooded insects and are not able to maintain heat on their own. At temperatures below 0°C they hibernate and often die.
  2. It's hot. In high temperatures, cockroaches become less active, hide in damp places and limit their food intake. Exposure of an insect to hot steam or boiling water leads to its death.

It is undeniable that cockroaches cannot survive for long without resources, despite their ability to feed on even inedible food. Sooner or later they leave the inhabited area in search of more favorable conditions.

Cockroaches and the fight against them

There are a variety of methods that can be used to get rid of cockroaches, and each of them has its own effectiveness. However, the optimal solution would be to use several methods simultaneously.

It is possible to use folk remedies in the fight against cockroaches, such as:

  • Mint leaves. Growing mint in your kitchen can help prevent cockroaches from returning to your home.

  • Tea tree. Mix a couple of drops with water and apply the resulting liquid to all accessible surfaces.

Also effective in the fight against cockroaches are chemicals presented in the form of crayons, gels and other forms. However, it is recommended to pay attention to new and improved products, given the high resistance of cockroaches to chemicals.

It is also necessary to take into account that re-treatment is recommended some time after the initial disinsection. Cockroaches can lay many eggs in nests, and the oothecae that contain them are resistant to attack, so the young generation remains resistant to attack.

Why you need to react quickly

If you notice one cockroach at night, you should remember that this is just the beginning of the problem. During periods of activity, these pests seek resources to survive and reproduce, and their numbers can increase rapidly. New individuals are appearing at a high rate, so it is important to take decisive action immediately.

Even one cockroach is a signal for immediate action. To quickly and effectively get rid of insects, it is recommended to contact specialized sanitary services.

Why Cockroaches Come Out At Night?


How to get rid of cockroaches at night?

Pests are characterized by sensitive olfactory organs located in the antennae of insects. These organs make them sensitive to strong odors, which can be used to repel cockroaches. For example, the vinegar scent is an effective remedy. Spraying a mixture of water and vinegar in the evening can repel pests and reduce their activity.

Bleach, enamel paint and other chemicals are also effective. Carrying out major renovations in an apartment can also act as an argument for cockroaches to leave the premises.

Cockroaches, relying primarily on hearing and smell, can identify the absence of sounds during the night as a sign that they are alone. Keeping the lights on consistently at night can make cockroaches calmer and continue searching for food and water.

Use a sanitation service to get rid of cockroaches completely.

Why are cockroaches active at night?

For cockroaches, night is a period of high activity, during which they avoid many dangers and easily find water and food. During the day, these insects prefer secluded and dark places.

Cockroaches remain cautious in their nocturnal activities, seeking to avoid noises and vibrations associated with the presence of humans. They respond to any sound, such as a light switch, which is a signal for them to quickly leave. Thus, cockroaches rely on the darkness and silence of the night for their search and reproduction.

When do cockroaches sleep?

Cockroaches sleep for 4-6 hours, mainly in the morning. During this time, changes occur in their body, such as changes in heart rate and motor functions. Cockroaches do not require a special position for sleeping; they do not sleep on the move, but find secluded places where there are no dangers or people.

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