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Do woodlice bite?

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No one realizes that mosquitoes may appear at the door. However, such situations happen quite often, and it’s not always the people’s fault. Sometimes individuals may settle in the surrounding areas, and woodlice may settle in the area.
Woodlouse is a small mosquito with a high rate of reproduction, which prefers to feed on growing materials rather than human skin. These crustacean creatures live close to fate and do not waste food or water. The stinks are respected for being better primed, sent to people and embedded in the urchin, rotted leaves, rubbed, moss and other growing waste. During periods of insecurity, your body burns. As a rule, wood lice do not carry infections, but can cause illness. The main sign of their appearance is the suppression of the external growth rate and weakening of the root system. Moisture will provide cold and wet places for living, such as basements, balconies, around toilets and other wet places in the cabin.

Why are wood lice considered careless?

The appearance of some woodlice in the booth calls out the restlessness of the bastards. The head is not safe, tied with woodlice, lying in its multiplying breed. While mosquitoes do not want to pose a threat to people's livelihoods, their consumption of dead leaves and excess organic products destroys the nutritional potential of bacteria growth. This has not been scientifically confirmed.
Creatures also do not suffer from woodlice. There are a lot of domestic animals, especially reptiles and arthropods, that can be bred in these comas, including the whole protein.
The greatest problem for woodlice is growing. The stench is no less noticeable, leafing through the root system, and adding sourness to the soil and replacing rhubarb instead of sourness in the new one. The Komakhs will completely deplete the growth in two years.

In burial places, woodlice can pickle vegetables. In greenhouses, farmers eat immature crops and can seriously reduce the harvest.
From the point of view of safety for accommodation, in which the stench hesitates, wood lice do not threaten. However, their presence evokes an unpleasant sense of alarm in the wake of the day. Moreover, their high rate of reproduction reduces the burden of nutrition due to their poverty.

Methods for removing woodlice from an apartment

A variety of methods for combating woodlice have been developed. Sometimes they try to press on stones, but this method is not always effective.
There are a number of methods for removing wood lice:

  1. Mechanical methods: One of the popular methods is the removal of hairy brooms, which are similar to woodlice. If you deprive the broom for the night, the Frenchman can indulge in a large amount of wood lice. You can also dissolve it or place a bucket with a hot water bottle in areas where wood lice are hanging around.
  2. People's affairs: Woodlice cannot tolerate damage from boric acid, baking soda and pepper. Mixing them in equal proportions and scrubbing the infected surfaces may help. It’s a good idea to use potatoes as bait, where woodlice will come and then indulge in them.
  3. Chemical drugs: Drugs for reducing poverty are available in most stores. When processing, it is important to follow the instructions and use individual protection measures, such as a mask and gum gloves.
  4. Professional disinsection: This method is the most effective, as long as the fahiva can be obtained from mature individuals and larvae can be found in highly accessible areas. If you cannot deal with woodlice on your own, it is recommended that you seek help from a professional pest control company.

Preparing the apartment before finishing

To effectively remove woodlice from the first time, it is important to prepare the container. One of the main rules is the presence of people and animals in the area during processing.
In addition, it is recommended to sign the following terms for the apartment:

1. Clean up the soil first, so as to clear the surface of the surface.
2. Place the furniture against the walls, providing sufficient space for disinsection.
3. Place the food in the refrigerator and place the dishes in it, avoiding contact with wet surfaces.
4. Remove in a safe place or cover with covers and sponge for special hygiene purposes, as well as children’s toys and bed linen.
5. Cover your clothes with covers to prevent any spilled words from falling on you.

After processing the placement, you must be deprived of it for three years. Then the most important step is to ventilate the apartment throughout the year and tidy it up to remove any excess waste.

How To Get Rid Of Woodlice

Frequently asked questions

How bad is wood lice?

These mischief makers do not pose a threat to people or the health of their creatures. However, the stench can be dangerous for the plants, and the fragments are eaten by them. Woodlice give advantage to cold and wet places of residence. Therefore, since these crustaceans have appeared at your apartment, especially since there are a lot of living creatures there, you are ready to think about the eternal impoverishment of the colony.
What is a dangerous woodlice bite?

A woodlice bite does not threaten a person’s life. The mouthparts of woodlice are so thick that the stench cannot penetrate human skin. In addition, its vitality is supported by organic surpluses and waste products. A woodlice bite won't be a problem for him.
Are wood lice carriers of disease?

It has not been scientifically proven that woodlice are carriers of diseases. However, through their regeneration of rotten growths, which can contain dead microorganisms, it is theoretically possible for them to be lost into the human body.

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