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How to remove cockroaches from an apartment

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The appearance of cockroaches in an apartment always causes discomfort. It’s especially disappointing when the home was kept in perfect order and all rules of hygiene and cleanliness were observed. It would seem that with this approach the risk of pests appearing in the house should have been minimal. However, the reality is not so comforting.

What do cockroaches look like

Cockroaches belong to the order Cockroaches and have a similar body structure. Their abdomen has an oval and flat shape, there is a pair of antennae on the head, and spines on three pairs of legs. The eyes are located on the sides of the head and have the ability to see in all directions, although vision may be atrophied in some species.

Despite having wings, cockroaches rarely use them for flight. The wings are thin, with a mesh pattern, covered with dense elytra, and in some individuals they are completely absent. Strong jaws allow cockroaches to eat even solid food.

The abdomen of a cockroach consists of 8-10 segments, each of which contains nerve ganglia. This feature allows cockroaches to move even after losing their heads. The specific structure of the legs provides them with the ability to move on various surfaces, including sheer walls, and instantly change the direction of movement.

When fighting cockroaches, it is important to take into account their outstanding vitality and ability to adapt to various chemicals.

Cockroach development cycle

Cockroaches demonstrate incredible reproduction speed. One laid clade covers a significant number of eggs (up to 30 in the ooteca), and the individual reaches sexual maturity almost instantly - immediately after turning into an adult. Under favorable conditions, the population can increase 10 and sometimes 100 times in just one year.

The life cycle of a cockroach is the following process:

  1. Egg: Before laying, the eggs are located in a special capsule, the ooteca, which can be either on the female’s abdomen or inside her body. Some species are viviparous, where the eggs develop inside the female to the larval stage. The egg stage lasts up to 4 weeks.
  2. Larva or nymph: After hatching from the egg, the larvae start out white, but soon darken to a brown hue. The shard becomes denser, taking on the characteristic features of a chitinous cover. The nymph goes through up to 6 molts, becoming more and more like an adult with each molt. The duration of this stage can vary from several weeks to two years.
  3. Imago (adult): At this stage, the insect is ready to reproduce, and its appearance remains unchanged for the rest of its life.

The lifespan of a cockroach varies depending on the species and can be 1-2 years. External conditions can influence the duration of development stages. Under unfavorable conditions, such as low temperatures, dry air and lack of food, the egg and nymph stages may be delayed.

If there is not enough food, the cockroach can survive for up to a month, after which the adult may begin to eat other individuals, and some species even attack people. Cockroaches cannot live longer than a week without water, and at temperatures below zero the pests live only a few hours.

Main types of cockroaches

In our latitudes, three species of cockroaches can be found at home, each of which exhibits its own unique adaptation to the environment.

Here is brief information about cockroaches that can be found in an apartment:

  1. Red cockroach (Prusak): The most common type in our apartments. Its body length reaches 15 mm, while females are larger than males. In favorable conditions, it can live up to a year, and representatives of this species have the ability to fly.
  2. Black beetle: It is not found in residential areas as often as the red one. Brought from the eastern regions of the Mediterranean. The body length reaches 30 mm, and these pests can live up to 2 years. Their dark shade makes them easy to camouflage in dark corners.
  3. American cockroach: It is rarely found at home; it is more often found in the wild. Brought from South and Central America. This species is the largest, and the body length of the imago can reach 50 mm, and in males, due to the elongated wings, even 80 mm. The lifespan of this species is up to 2 years.

It doesn’t matter what type of pest you are faced with. It is important to get rid of cockroaches as quickly as possible.

Pest lifestyle

These insects are active in the dark, hiding during the day in secluded places and going out to hunt for food only at night. During the daytime, pests rarely go out into the open, especially if the population is too large and there is not enough food for them.

If your home becomes overcrowded, cockroaches may move to your neighbors in search of new territory.

When danger arises, insects prefer to flee, detecting the threat with the help of their vision and antennae.

What do cockroaches eat?

As noted earlier, cockroaches have amazing survivability and can adapt to a wide variety of environments. This ability significantly complicates the fight against them, since even in the absence of food, if there is access to water, the pest can survive up to 40 days.

Cockroaches are omnivores and prefer a wide variety of foods: In the wild, they consume fruits, leaves, tree bark, and do not shy away from ingesting dead insects and animals. They often express a preference for garbage, food waste and even excrement.

In residential areas, cockroaches taste pet food, meat, fruits, vegetables, food waste, and sugar. In addition, they are able to eat book pages, wallpaper, glue used to secure them, and other materials.

It can be seen that cockroaches are ready to eat anything. Therefore, it is important to avoid leaving crumbs, dirty dishes and leftover food on the table to prevent attracting these pests.

Where do cockroaches come from in an apartment?

Do you carefully maintain cleanliness in your apartment and are you sure that parasites cannot find refuge in your place? Unfortunately, they can take up residence in even the tidiest homes, and getting rid of them is not so easy.

How parasites get into your home:

  1. Through cracks in the walls from the street;
  2. From neighbors through ventilation ducts, cracks in the floor and ceilings, through sewer pipes;
  3. From basements (especially residents of the first floors are at high risk);
  4. By purchasing things, especially second-hand ones, such as clothes and furniture.

Regardless of how the pests got into your home, it is important to take measures to eliminate them immediately. The sooner you take action, the more effective your fight will be. It is also worth considering the possibility of infection in the dormitory, where joint processing is required.

Where do cockroaches hide in the house?

Pests prefer warmth, humidity and lack of light, but they require a constant source of food. Therefore, they most often choose the kitchen or bathroom for their habitat. In addition, parasites can hide under wallpaper, choose a secluded and nourishing place near the trash can, prefer to spend daylight hours in ventilation, and also temporarily live in garbage chutes.

When treating an apartment, it is important to identify all the places where parasites can live. This is the only way to effectively combat them.

What harm is caused by cockroaches

So, why is it so important to get rid of cockroaches immediately? Under ideal conditions, they do not bite or feed on human blood. However, these insects can cause serious harm.

They spoil food, furniture, wallpaper, and their presence can cause serious allergic reactions. In addition, due to their preference for garbage and excrement, pests can become carriers of dangerous infections. Products that have been touched by cockroaches should be disposed of immediately.

Preventing the appearance of cockroaches in the apartment

Prussians are attracted by the abundance of food, the presence of water and warmth. Although we may feel uncomfortable in a cold room, there are other factors we can control.

Here are some preventive measures against pest infestation:

  1. Regular cleaning and daily waste removal.
  2. Preventing leaks in taps and plumbing pipes.
  3. Sealing all cracks and crevices.
  4. Not leaving dirty dishes, food or leftovers on the table.

With these simple measures, you can take steps to prevent a cockroach infestation. However, if pests do appear, it is important to agree with neighbors on joint treatment of apartments in order to prevent the migration of Prussians.

How to remove cockroaches: boric acid

Boric acid is effectively used to kill various types of insects, including cockroaches, as it attacks their nervous system. This powder is available in pharmacies.

To prepare a paste mixture, take 100 grams of boric acid powder, 50 grams of flour and two tablespoons of sugar. Mix dry ingredients in a bowl and add water. Let the mass dry, then roll the balls and place them in places where unwanted guests live and most often accumulate. You can also simply sprinkle the detected areas with powder.

This drug will kill insects in about a week. Safe for humans and pets. However, if the infection is too strong, the desired result may not be achieved immediately.

Folk remedies for cockroaches

Traditional methods are generally effective for prevention and will successfully clear a room of insects if the infestation is still small. The fight against cockroaches is possible using mint, bay leaf, vinegar and essential oils, as these substances emit pungent odors that are unpleasant to pests.

Here are some recipes:

  1. Vinegar spray: Mix 30 ml of vinegar with 100 ml of water. Spray this solution with a spray bottle into the cockroaches' habitats. You can also wipe floors and surfaces with this solution.
  2. Mint: Dilute 20 drops of peppermint essential oil in water and spray in areas where there are signs of cockroaches.
  3. Bay leaf: Place dried bay leaves around the room and kitchen.

There are success stories of getting rid of insects using these methods, but it is important to keep the infestation small.

Chemical methods

Home improvement stores widely stock various forms of effective insect control products. There are many chemicals available, including:

  1. Aerosols: This quick method of getting rid of pests is highly effective, but has limitations in treating hard-to-reach corners. There is a risk that insects may move to other rooms or neighboring apartments. It is recommended to avoid using aerosols in areas where allergy sufferers are present.
  2. Gels: These drugs are also effective and easy to use. In case of heavy infection, it is recommended to choose drugs with two active ingredients. Most often, the kit includes a syringe for convenient application. The gel should be applied along baseboards and along pest paths. The effect of the drug lasts up to 2 months, and if necessary, the treatment can be repeated. However, you should take into account the long wait for results, as well as the possibility of stains from the gel.
  3. Crayons: This is another convenient and effective form of the chemical drug. Chalk is most often used to circle baseboards.

Chemical treatment methods are suitable for use in any residential area. However, it should be remembered that insects can adapt to any drug, so it is not recommended to use the same product with the same active ingredient more than twice.

Cockroach traps

The trap can be purchased ready-made or made independently using available materials. Typically, cardboard boxes are used for this, open on both sides. A sticky substance is applied to the inside of the cardboard surface. The bait is placed inside the box. Cockroaches attracted by the bait enter the box and stick to the sticky surface.

Place traps throughout the house and update them as needed. If the trap remains empty for a long time, this may indicate that your premises are free of insects. However, if the infestation is severe or if the chosen trap location is poor, this method may not be effective.

One of the significant disadvantages of this method is that insects caught in the trap do not transfer the poison to their nest and do not poison their relatives.

Brief instructions for getting rid of cockroaches

If you are faced with a cockroach problem, prepare to fight aggressively and use a variety of methods, combining them for more effective results. Below are the main processing steps:

  • Identify the habitats of cockroaches: Use a simple method - suddenly turn on the light at night and watch where they run.
  • Place sticky traps: These traps will help you identify the pest species and reduce the population.

  • Use poison gel: Buy poisonous gel and apply it to baseboards and other places according to the instructions. It is important to prevent the gel from drying out.
  • Use folk remedies: Place aromatic plants, spray with vinegar solution, treat the room with ammonia, or add essential oil to the water for washing floors. Use boric acid.
  • Be patient and wait for results: Once the cockroaches leave the apartment, use preventive measures to prevent their reappearance. It is important to take action in a timely manner.
How To Get Rid Of Roaches In An Apartment Permanently


How to quickly get rid of cockroaches in an apartment?

There are practically no independent methods that provide instant results. A quick and effective solution to the problem often requires the use of professional control measures and specialized drugs. If you solve the problem yourself, it is recommended to combine various methods, such as folk, chemical and mechanical (traps).

Which product is most effective against cockroaches?

Household chemical insecticides are considered the most effective. The optimal approach is to combine them with folk remedies and use traps. In case of severe infestation and no results, it is recommended to seek help from a professional disinfection service.

How to achieve complete riddance of cockroaches in the house?

The primary task is to identify places where pests hide. Careful treatment with insecticides, placing traps and using plants with a strong aroma in identified areas will help get rid of cockroaches. Once pests are completely eliminated, it is important to take preventative measures to prevent their reappearance. It should be remembered that keeping the apartment clean and eliminating factors that attract cockroaches will play a key role in preventing a new infestation.

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