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What do baby termites look like?

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Termites are very destructive because of how quickly they eat through the structure of a home, but what do they look like before they turn into hungry pests?

Knowing what baby termites look like can help you identify them. pests!

Baby termites start out as white/yellow/clear eggs protected inside a nest. From there, the egg hatches into what looks like a miniature termite. These "baby" termites are known as nymphs. Termite nymphs are usually pale white, and if you look closely you can see their antennae pointing straight outwards.

Now that we know what baby termites look like, the question is: what will they look like when they grow up? Adult termites fall into one of four categories of types:

Life cycle of a termite nymph

There are basically four different types of adult termites: workers, soldiers, swarmers, and future queens. Let's look at each termite life stage:

Working termites

Worker termites are the largest group and therefore the most common termites you will encounter. They are responsible for repairing the nest, caring for nest mates, foraging for food, and destroying wood. The workers leave the nest in search of food for the entire termite colony. Baby termites cannot feed themselves, so they depend on worker termites to feed them.

Soldier termites

Soldier termites protect the nest and are equipped with large armored heads and sharp, enlarged mouthparts designed to protect the colony from any attack. Soldier termites rely on worker termites for food.

Swarming termites

At certain times of the year, swarming termites emerge from the colony to start a new colony. They are very similar to flying ants. If you see termites flying around your home or window, or find shed fenders but no insects, this may indicate a termite problem.

Termite Queen

The queen is an extremely important member of the colony as she is responsible for laying eggs that ensure the growth and survival of the colony. Fun fact: Queen termites have been known to live for 30 years or more!

What to do if you notice a termite in your home?

Termites can cause serious damage to our homes and other structures. If you notice any signs of termites in or around your home, it is important to let a family member know so they can contact a pest control professional to treat the infestation.

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