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Interesting facts about parrots

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We found 10 interesting facts about parrots

Parrots are very intelligent and colorful birds known for their longevity.

Due to their gentle nature and exceptional intelligence, parrots are often chosen as pets. The first mentions of people owning parrots date back to antiquity. If we decide to get a parrot, we must know that breeding them requires a lot of time that we need to devote to them. Abandoned parrots are noisy and messy animals that may bite their owners. However, if we give them the right amount of attention, we can make a friend for life. Find out the facts about these incredibly colorful birds.


There are 372 species of parrots on Earth.


Most parrots choose a partner for life.

Parrots pair up through a dance performed by the male. Once the female has chosen a suitable partner for her children, she remains with him for life. During the mating season, parrots lay from 2 to 8 eggs. Most of them do not build nests, but lay eggs in tree hollows.


People have been breeding parrots for over 3000 years.

The first parrots were bred by the ancient Egyptians. They were introduced to Europe around the XNUMXrd century BC.


Many famous people bred parrots.

This honorable group includes: Aristotle, King Henry VIII, Marco Polo, Marie Antoinette and Theodore Roosevelt.


Parrots are very smart.

Not only do they learn words, but they can also associate them with objects or events. According to some scientists, the logic of parrots corresponds to the logic of a 4-year-old child.


Some species of parrots live more than 80 years.

The lifespan of these birds varies depending on the species. Small parrots usually live from 15 to 20 years, medium ones - from 25 to 30. Large parrots can live up to 100 years. Macaws are known for their longevity, and one of them, Charlie, is said to be over 100 years old. Another parrot, Poncho, known from several Hollywood films, is over 90 years old.


A characteristic feature of parrots is their bright plumage.


Parrots are characterized by curved beaks and strong legs ending in four claws.

The claws are arranged in pairs and placed oppositely. This makes it easier for parrots to live in trees and provides a good grip.


Parrots are omnivores.

Most of them eat seeds, fruits, flowers and nuts, but some eat insects.


The largest species of parrots is flightless.

We are talking about kakapo, an endemic species from New Zealand. This is the only parrot that cannot fly. It is nocturnal, which helps avoid contact with predators. Kakapo is one of the rarest birds.

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