Interesting facts about the German Shepherd

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We found 12 interesting facts about the German Shepherd

One of the most common dog breeds.

The German Shepherd is a very versatile and active dog, characterized by endurance, high performance and devotion. Very often we can meet these dogs in police or military service. However, this does not mean that German Shepherds are not suitable as family dogs. They are very loyal, self-controlled and have good contact with children.


The creator of the breed is considered to be Max von Stefanitz.

During a dog show in Karlsruhe, he chose one of the dogs that he particularly liked. It was a shepherd named Hector Linksrain. Max von Stephanitz gave him the new name Horand von Grafrath and registered him under number 1 in the German Shepherd Breeding Book.


The ancestors of German Shepherds probably lived in Germany in the XNUMXth century.


The goal of breeding the German Shepherd was to create a useful breed for universal use.

At that time, the population of cities and, as a result, the crime rate increased sharply. Therefore, police services needed a breed of dog that could accompany officers in their daily work. The Army has also demonstrated a need for this type of dog.


German Shepherds are characterized by loyalty, courage, persistence and obedience.


In the first decades of the XNUMXth century, German Shepherds looked different from today's dogs.

Early breeders wanted to maximize the height of their dogs, so the breed evolved into individuals with long legs and a square figure. Stefanitz was not happy with this turn of events, since the appearance of the German Shepherd differed from his idea of ​​a slender and agile dog. Since 1922, shepherd dogs have been subject to licensing tests, as a result of which their appearance was unified.


Adolf Hitler's dog was named Blondie.

Hitler received it from Martin Bormann in 1941. Hitler spent a lot of time with her and taught her dog tricks. The female dog was poisoned with hydrogen cyanide on the night of April 29–30, 1945.


The German Shepherd became a symbol of National Socialist ideology in Germany.

Therefore, after the end of World War II, the British Kennel Club changed the name of the breed to "Alsatian Wolfdog". The original name was restored only in 1977.


German Shepherds have a genetic predisposition. They suffer from a number of diseases resulting from interbreeding.

Hip dysplasia, now found in many breeds, was first observed in the German Shepherd. This breed is also prone to elbow dysplasia, allergies, and cauda equina syndrome. German Shepherds also suffer from eye diseases quite often.


The German Shepherd is a very smart dog. He learns to do the exercises quickly and easily. Shepherd dogs happily perform the tasks assigned to them.


There are two types of hair.

The Stockhaar variety is a short-haired variety with very dense and coarse outer hairs. The langstockhaar variety has longer, softer, non-stick hair.


The German Shepherd is a very friendly dog ​​towards children.


These dogs often become guides for blind people.

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