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Do insects breathe like humans?

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Believe it or not, insects don't breathe the same way humans do! Although both humans and insects require oxygen to survive, the way they breathe is completely different.

Humans, part of the larger group of mammals, inhale by moving a muscle called the diaphragm. This muscle works with a tube called the trachea. which allows oxygen to enter the lungs and then releases Arbon doxide (CO2) when exhaled.

A system called the autonomic nervous system (ANS) regulates processes in the human body, such as breathing, without human input.ny effort from the person. We, however, can bypass this system. For example, you can hold your breath when you jump into the pool!


Do insects have lungs?

No, insects don't have lungs. BUGS Also don't breathe through your mouth like we do!

Their respiratory system consists of a network of tubes called tracheae. The spiracles, called spiracles, allow oxygen to flow throughout the insect's body through the trachea.

Like humans, insects can control their breathing to some extent. They can open and close their spiracles by tensing their muscles and regulating the rate of oxygen flow through the body.

AAll forms of life on Earth require gas exchange or respiration. in survive. However, it is how we do it that makes us all unique!

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