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Dichlorvos for bedbugs

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Many people are faced with the problem of parasites in their home, among which one of the most persistent and unpleasant inhabitants of the apartment are bedbugs. These unwanted guests may take up residence in furniture such as sofas, mattresses and other soft furnishings. For many years, one of the well-known means of combating bedbugs is the use of Dichlorvos.

What kind of remedy is this

Dichlorvos against bedbugs is a chemical aerosol, which is an insecticide and is produced in small cans. Currently, it is considered the most famous household remedy for effective control of parasites.

In modern usage, the term "dichlorvos" has become generic. This formerly distinct insecticide brand is now used to refer to any aerosol insect repellent. Many products in cans bear this name, although the chemical composition may not have common properties with the original Dichlorvos product from the Soviet period.

Operating principle

The main active component in the original drug is a chemical compound - dimethyl dichlorovinyl phosphate, which belongs to the class of organophosphorus compounds. It is to this compound that the original Dichlorvos owes its characteristic pungent odor, which in our time has become a general term for unpleasant odors in chemistry. This odor has always been difficult to eliminate, causing problems for apartment owners.

Modern manufacturers have stepped forward and offer aerosols that are not accompanied by such an unpleasant odor. It may be weakly expressed, diluted with a pleasant aroma, or absent altogether. Examples of such products are “Dichlorvos NEO” or “Dichlorvos Varan”. We will talk about these tools in more detail below.

Effect of treatment with Dichlorvos

Many people are interested in how effective the use of Dichlorvos is these days. We answer: the effectiveness of this product is quite high, subject to strict adherence to the recommendations for its use.

When using Dichlorvos for bedbugs, you must follow the instructions exactly, without neglecting safety rules. Here are some general tips for effective use:

  1. Spray the aerosol directly into areas where bedbugs accumulate and along their travel routes.
  2. Treat all interior surfaces generously, especially the folds and seams of the sofa, where bedbugs live.
  3. Before processing, make sure that people and animals have left the room.
  4. Refrain from entering the treated area for one and a half hours after completion of treatment.
  5. After returning to the apartment, provide ventilation to get rid of the characteristic smell of the disinfectant.

To combat bedbugs in the fabrics of upholstered furniture, Dichlorvos acts as a toxin. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to remove the upholstery and treat the inside surface of the sofa.

However, it should be remembered that the effect of a household drug is limited in time. Often its effect lasts only a few weeks, after which the bedbugs may return in even greater numbers.

To completely get rid of bedbugs and ensure confidence in their absence, it is recommended to contact professionals. This ensures that the problem is resolved permanently.

Active chemicals

For the first time, the active substance called “Dichlorvos” began to be widely used to combat bedbugs during the USSR period. The modern formula of this disinfectant contains fewer active ingredients, so it is not as strong as the original drug.

Nevertheless, modern Dichlorvos is still effective in getting rid of parasites in furniture, especially when used regularly. How does it achieve its effectiveness?

Active substances such as permethrin and cypermethrin included in the composition interact, enhancing their effectiveness. In addition, they are safe for humans.

The mechanism of action of Dichlorvos is to block the nervous system of the bug, which leads to paralysis and death of the parasite. The concentration of the active substance in Dichlorvos may vary depending on the aerosol manufacturer. The exposure time of a modern bedbug spray is about 20 minutes.

The residual effect of the drug may persist for several weeks after treatment. It is important to note that when disinfecting bedbugs, both the room and the furniture and household items in it are treated.

Form of issue

The newest Dichlorvos is usually available in spray form, although chemically coated disinfection strip options are also available on the market.

Typically, one can is enough to treat a room of about 20 square meters. Thus, approximately 20 grams of spray are required for each square meter.

The spray is suitable for preventive treatment of premises against parasites. It can be purchased at an affordable price. This method is easy to use and does not leave marks on surfaces. It is important to note that bedbugs do not get used to the active substance in the insecticide, so each treatment procedure brings results.

Popular manufacturers of dichlorvos

Modern formulas of Dichlorvos aerosols use the components that are safest for people. The characteristic odor of such sprays is easily tolerated, and in some cases it is completely absent, which allows you to avoid leaving the room for a long time and lengthy ventilation to remove the unpleasant odor.

The cost of one can of Dichlorvos varies between two hundred rubles and is available at any household chemicals store. Here are some popular aerosols:

  1. Dichlorvos "Varan": Enjoys considerable popularity, used to combat various household parasites, especially effective against flying pests (gnats, mosquitoes, moths and others).
  2. Dichlorvos "Triple Impact": Available in 100 ml aerosol form, it is one of the most effective means of killing bedbugs in an apartment. Tested in laboratories and effective against various insects, mites and cockroaches. It is considered safe and odorless; it contains a synergist that enhances the insecticidal effect.
  3. Dichlorvos "Neo" (odorless): Effective product without a characteristic odor, highly toxic to insects. Quickly destroys pests and scares them away from their habitats, while the price is quite affordable.
  4. Dichlorvos "Force": Provides effective treatment of surfaces in the apartment and control of parasites, including mosquitoes. The composition includes four active components that provide long-lasting action. The effect lasts up to several weeks.

Dichlorvos for bedbugs: instructions

Getting rid of parasites using Dichlorvos requires careful adherence to the instructions on the package. Here are some mandatory rules that must be followed:

  1. Use protective equipment: Wear gloves, a mask and a respirator to protect your respiratory tract and eyes. These measures will ensure the safety of the skin, mucous membranes and eyes from possible exposure to an insecticide that can harm the body.
  2. Close the windows: It is important that the sprayed composition remains in the room in the required concentration. Avoid excess air flow, which may reduce the effectiveness of the drug.
  3. Spray clearly in areas where bedbugs are concentrated.: The effectiveness depends on whether the exterminator hits the body of the parasite. Uniform distribution of the drug in important places will ensure the desired result.
  4. Ventilate the room after the procedure: Even with products that are safe for humans, it is recommended to ventilate the room for several hours after treatment.
  5. Treat clothes and bedding: Treatment should include linens that bed bugs can use for shelter. Use special boxes for hermetically sealed closure and application of the drug, then wash at high temperatures and iron.
  6. Treat the mattress: Remove the mattress from the bed, allowing access to hard-to-reach areas. This will improve the effectiveness of the procedure.
  7. Protect aquariums and pets: Isolate animals and aquariums from the product to prevent accidental exposure.
  8. Skin contact: Rinse skin under running tap water. If you experience any discomfort, consult a doctor.
  9. Follow fire safety regulations: Avoid spraying the can near flammable objects or open flames.
  10. Keep the cylinder in a safe place: Away from children, animals and heat sources. In case of severe infestation, it is recommended to contact a professional.

Are there any downsides?

In addition to the listed advantages, dichlorvos has several significant disadvantages:

  1. Inconvenient to use: The use of dichlorvos may be inconvenient for users.
  2. Short term effect: The drug provides protection against bedbugs only for a limited period of time.
  3. Limitations in spraying on large surfaces: Inability to distribute evenly over large surfaces.
  4. Ineffective in large lesions: Application may not be effective in cases of extensive infestation.
  5. Low efficiency on absorbent surfaces: Not effective on absorbent materials such as wood or fabric.
  6. Risk of respiratory toxicity: There is a potential risk of respiratory toxicity during use.

Despite these disadvantages, there are more effective methods of getting rid of parasites, such as professional cleaning and pest control. However, if you need quick results without much effort and specialized products, dichlorvos may be your choice.

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Is it possible to use dichlorvos to kill bedbugs?

Yes, today a product called “dichlorvos” continues to exist and is available for purchase. However, its composition is no longer as strong as the original formula from the Soviet period. Despite this, this product remains quite effective and easy to use. So, to quickly get rid of annoying bedbugs, you can use this aerosol.

How can you keep bedbugs away from your bed?

Aromatherapy methods can be used to control bedbugs, since these insects do not tolerate certain aromatic substances (for example, essential oils, turpentine or ammonia). Treat surfaces adjacent to the bed with these products and enjoy a restful sleep.

How to finally get rid of bedbugs?

For long-term rid of bedbugs, it is recommended to use professional pest control using strong chemicals. These products are only available from specialized pest control companies. It is not recommended to try to purchase and use them yourself; It's best to turn to professionals. This way, you can forget about problems with bedbugs in your home.

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