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American Cockroach

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The American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) is an insect with a red-brown color, like adults, that lives in Africa, where it is found everywhere. Female American cockroaches can have wings longer than their bodies, reaching sizes of up to 4 cm, while males are about 3 cm long, allowing them to move considerable distances.

American cockroaches are native to western and central Africa. Their name "American" is due to the fact that their distribution in Europe began with the arrival of individuals from America, transported on ships. They currently live all over the world. These insects are mostly active at night and prefer to live in basements, greenhouses and other damp and warm areas. They feed most of their diet on rotten wood.

Scientists have found that American cockroaches are highly adaptable. They are able to recognize poisons and toxins, as well as neutralize their components when they enter their body. In this article we will talk about the life and reproduction of this insect, as well as the potential danger posed by American cockroaches.

How do American cockroaches reproduce in nature?

American cockroaches, being a cosmopolitan species, can live anywhere in the world, preferring warm and humid areas. These insects are active at night, while during the day they hide in buildings in areas inaccessible to humans.

The reproduction process of American cockroaches begins with the females secreting a special substance to which the males react. After mating, males and females form eggs, which are enveloped in a special capsule called an ooteca. This capsule is formed from the hardened secretion of an insect and changes its color from white to brown within XNUMX hours. The female bears the ootheca in a secluded place.

Each ootheca contains from 5 to 16 eggs, which develop within 20-25 days. After four to five months of development, adult American cockroaches emerge from the egg. During this time, 9-12 lines of chitinous cover occur. Some people choose American cockroaches as pets from among the thousands of insect species.

American cockroach (periplaneta americana) as a pet

Cockroaches, like other pets, should be kept in conditions that are as close as possible to their natural habitat. Below are recommendations that will ensure comfortable keeping of cockroaches:

  1. Habitat: Cockroaches should be kept in a spacious aquarium, food container or plastic/glass container with high edges. To prevent escape, the container must be tightly closed and provide good ventilation. It is also recommended to lubricate the edges of the container with Vaseline. The temperature inside should be stable and warm (20-30 degrees Celsius), so the bottom of the container can be heated.
  2. Substrate: For the comfort of cockroaches, the bottom of the aquarium should be lined with sawdust, bark or egg shells. It is recommended to change the substrate monthly to maintain a clean and fresh environment.
  3. Nutrition: Cockroaches can be fed a variety of foods, including dry and wet food, vegetables, fruits and table scraps. Dry foods can include oatmeal, bran, dry kibble, and shredded carrots, turnips, beets, fruits and vegetables are suitable as wet food. It is important to provide cockroaches with access to water, for example by spraying the walls, at least once every two days.
  4. Number: It is recommended not to keep more than five adult cockroaches per 10 square centimeters. Males live about 1,5 years, and females can reach 3 years.

Compliance with these conditions will help ensure the care of cockroaches and maintain their well-being in captivity. Regular aquarium care and proper nutrition will keep your pet healthy and happy.

Why is the American cockroach periplaneta americana dangerous?

The American cockroach is a potentially dangerous insect to humans, and its relationship with humans has always been complex.

These insects can cause the following harm to humans:

  1. Diseases: One cockroach can be a carrier of several infections, such as typhoid, tuberculosis, salmonellosis, plague, etc. Inhalation of fumes from cockroach excrement can lead to infection.
  2. Allergic reactions: Cockroaches can cause or worsen asthma through their saliva and feces, causing allergic reactions in humans.
  3. Bites and injuries: Cockroaches can attack human skin and dead skin cells, presenting a risk of bites. In case of a bite, immediately wash the wound and treat it with alcohol. After this, it is recommended to contact a medical facility for professional medical assistance.

How to deal with American cockroaches?

Controlling these cockroaches requires skill and modern methods, as they have become selective and quick in their reactions to conventional means of extermination. Below are effective ways to deal with them:

  1. Aromatics: This method is more suitable for repelling, but can sometimes help even with medium-sized populations. Use fragrances, scent sticks and other aromatics.
  2. Homemade traps and baits: A simple jar with slippery interior walls can help trap cockroaches inside. You can also use boric acid and ammonia. Crumbs and sugar can serve as excellent baits. However, chemical traps can be dangerous to humans, so use them carefully.
  3. Pesticides: Use pesticides carefully as cockroaches may become accustomed to them. These chemicals are also dangerous for children and pets. It is better to contact specialized companies that can safely treat the premises from pests.

To avoid the need to control cockroaches, it is important to keep the premises clean and follow preventive measures.

How to prevent cockroaches from appearing?

Prevention is one of the best ways to get rid of cockroaches. Simple measures that can be followed can prevent these pests from entering your home.

Pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Installation of mosquito nets on windows and special partitions on ventilation to prevent the entry of pests.
  2. Checking floors and walls for cracks and holes that could serve as entry points for cockroaches.
  3. Timely removal of leftover food into the refrigerator and disposal of unusable food in a trash bin with a lid.

How to Get Rid of American Cockroaches (4 Easy Steps)


How can you get rid of American cockroaches?
Cockroaches easily adapt to poisons and can develop resistance to them, so it is recommended to try several methods of controlling these insects. You can scare them away with bright scents or set traps by luring them with sugar. However, the most effective way to get rid of pests is to contact specialized sanitation services that use powerful pesticides.

What does an American cockroach (periplaneta americana) look like?

Images and detailed descriptions of periplaneta americana can be found on the Internet. These insects are characterized by long wings and a red-brown color. Males have a body length of about 3 cm, while the average size of females is about 4 centimeters.

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